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EVOLUTION International is the leading French exporter of cattle and goats genetics, a supplier of genetic advance for more than 50 years. With its network of partner distributors covering more than 70 countries, EVOLUTION International aims to be one of the top 5 exporters of animal genetics in the world. We offer top genetics, technical support, embryos and other biotechnologies all around the world.






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Launch of EVOLUTION Deutschland!

After EVOLUTION Iberica (Spain) and TAURUS EVOLUTION (South-Africa), the third EVOLUTION subsidiary has been launched!

With the introduction in Germany, EVOLUTION (EVOLUTION Deutschland is a cooperation with the German TOPQ members and EVOLUTION), has entered a new key market in the further development of the French marketleader in cattle and goat genetics.

The smooth cooperation with the German TOPQ members (RUW, ZBH and LTR) will contribute to a recognizable entrance in the German market in which speed of response and efficiency are key elements. Besides the cooperation with TOPQ, EVOLUTION Deutschland will be in close contact with the several coops all over Germany to make sure that the full portfolio – milk, beef and dual purpose (as well as goats) products are available for all German farmers.

The first employee of EVOLUTION Deutschland is Mrs. Kim Jaspers. Kim – who has over three years' experience in the genetic business and before in the world of finance – is appointed as Sales Coordinator and responsible for the day to day business and contact for the different marketplayers.

Kim's energy and enthusiasm will for sure help in the establishment of EVOLUTION Deutschland.

Together with Jos Hooijer (Business Development Manager) and Marielle Breheret (Managing Director) from EVOLUTION International the team is ready to become a strong and reliable supplier of the French genetics in Germany.


EVOLUTION International hires Jacob LEUM as US Business Development Manager

EVOLUTION International is pleased to announce that Jacob LEUM has joined EVOLUTION International as US Business Development Manager on June 1, 2017. In this role, Jacob will be working to develop a relationship with our industry partners to get EVOLUTION's dairy, beef, and goat genetics into the U.S. market.

Prior to EVOLUTION International, Jacob LEUM served as the Marketing Specialist for another AI-company. He worked with breeders and sales staff throughout the US to develop their genetics marketing knowledge of the breeds.

In 2016, Jacob graduated for the University of Wisconsin – Platteville where he received his bachelor's degree in animal science with a dairy emphasis and a minor in political science. While there he was active in Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, and he also served as club President for the Pioneer Dairy Club.

Albert REURINK, Director International Business Division, comments: "We look forward to having Jacob LEUM on board with us. The U.S. market is strategically important for EVOLUTION International. The advancement of the U.S. markets has allowed it to become one of the largest globally. We look forward to servicing U.S. producers and work with our business partners, with a strong, and diverse offering, both in quality, and different breeds."

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EVOLUTION International at NRM 2017

On Friday 30th of June and Saturday 1st of July the Dutch national show – NRM took place in Zwolle – the Netherlands.

EVOLUTION International attended the show for the first time under its own name. Almost the entire international team flew in to the Netherlands to assist the Dutch team-members, to experience this great event and to spend two additional days for a team meeting.

The NRM is known for its' variety! An individual show contest, daughter progeny groups, many exhibiters and a lot of (inter)national visitors. In total 210 individual cows (140 Holstein and 70 R&W) could present themselves in several age-classes resulting into the overall Champion Holstein and overall Champion red & white. The level of the show was extremely high ending into two magnificent champions.

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AURIVA is a cooperative group which aims to bring customized genetics and services to each breeder. Alone or with its partners, AURIVA-Elevage manages 16 breeding programs in bovine and goat breeds, on 32 counties, from the Pyrenees to the Alpes and gathers 10 member cooperatives. AURIVA-Elevage's ambition is to push forward the breeding activity and to contribute to the future of agriculture.


BGS (Brune Genetique Services), is the French BROWN SWISS and JERSEY breeding organization. Our mission is to promote these two breeds, to set breeding goals and to advise our breeders. For the BROWN SWISS breed, we lead the genomic breeding program to deliver the most competitive Brown Swiss genetics to the international stage.


Capgenes is the French firm managing goats' genetics. Our mission and vision: defining breed selection plan objectives, leading progeny-testing programmes, project management, and giving national voice to breed improvement through genetics.


CREALIM federates the most important French cooperatives interested in the Limousin. It is responsible for the selection of bulls available by insemination worldwide. It provides all the guarantees of a quality evaluated on progeny according to rigorous protocols


N°1 in France, n°2 in Europe and n°7 in the world for animal genetics, EVOLUTION is a cooperative located in West of France. The Cooperative's aim is to guide and support farmers to contribute, together, to nutritional and environmental challenges at worldwide level and to ensure the continued existence of the enterprise and livestock farms for future generation.


UALC located in the area of origin of the breed , is the cooperative group in charge of the selection of salers AI bulls. Its know-how is based on the skills of its technicians and member breeders.

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Our offices


Since June 2015, EVOLUTION and AURIVA have jointed their strengths in Spain by creating EVOLUTION Ibérica.
Semen, animals, embryos, monitoring, genotyping, mating plans and animal feeding are so many domains in which EVOLUTION Ibérica is on a leading position.
EVOLUTION Ibérica: the French excellence at the service of all Spanish breeders.

EVOLUTION Deutschland

A foothold in the biggest European dairy market.
In March 2017, EVOLUTION took another step in its international expansion by creating a subsidiary in Germany together with 3 German cooperatives- RUW, ZBH and LTR.
With this new facility, EVOLUTION plans to consolidate its position on this priority market and strengthen its relationship with German breeding companies.


Taurus Evolution is the result of Evolution and Taurus Co-op in South Africa joining forces to form a new South African AI company with a rich history, but focused on the future, not only for South African farmers, but as an integral part of the EVOLUTION International network.
Taurus Evolution offers a wide range of quality semen from top local and imported bulls both genomic and proven.

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